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Maranatha means "Come, O Lord"

If you weren't there, the video will take you there.
If you were, it'll take you back...

Maranatha Memories
by CLC-Productions.com

Video highlights of our 1997 reunion

Videographer Karen Weber and her camcorder were a constant presence at the 1997 reunion, as were Curt and his Canon.  The video contains almost all of the 4-plus hours of tape Karen shot, from the organizing committee's planning meeting, to the Friday picnic, the Saturday choir room (most of Celebrate Life! is included) and evening banquet, and the Sunday swim party.  It also includes Curt's Maranatha Memories multimedia show.  And, as we had suspected, some people brought their own pictures to the Reunion.  Many of those are included, too.

US$15, includes domestic shipping
Running time 277 minutes
VHS - NTSC - Hi Fi Stereo
Beta or PAL available by special request

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Some viewers' comments...

Mar 27, 1998
   This is way overdue, but I thought the video was TERRIFIC!  Thanks so much for making it for us!
Beth Kaufmann Hale

Dec 22, 1997
    I got through the rest of the video this weekend...it was incredible!!!  I really enjoyed "What Ere My God..." at the end.  That's the one we listened to at your house this summer that was recorded in your studio, right?  ...A perfect ending.  When I was watching the first part John came home from a meeting and watched some of it with me.  I was at the part where we were in Saturday's rehearsal and one of John's comments was that "Dan's always teaching, isn't he?"  I thought that was rather perceptive after only watching a short time because Dan WAS always teaching us something either musically or about life, but he was always giving.  It sure would be fun to tour with him and the rest of the group again.  Ah...maybe someday!
Karen Irwin

Dec 21, 1997
    Watched the video this weekend. It was lonng, but great to see everyone. Have a great holdiay. I am looking forward to the next reunion! God bless you!
Robin L

Dec 12, 1997
    I received the video yesterday and I watched up through the Madame's performance last night.  So far it's wonderful!!  I was doing OK until Leslie's first solo during our Saturday afternoon rehearsal...the beauty of her voice has always brought tears to my eyes and this time was no different.  Thanks again for all your work on this.  I know we bugged you to get this done earlier, but perhaps the timing of receiving it around Christmas is perfect.  It's a further reminder during this time of year of the important things in life...the gift of the Christ Child and our relationship to each other because of this Gift.
Karen Irwin

July 28, 1997
    Just a quick note to say a big THANK YOU for all the work you and the committee did to make the Maranatha reunion one of the best weekends of my life!  What fun it was to see everyone again and enjoy such wonderful fellowship!
    I'm looking forward to the video!!!  The multimedia show was OUTSTANDING!
Thanks again,
Beth Kaufmann Hale