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Maranatha means "Come, O Lord"

Reunion Next?
Updated May 18, 2008

The way we were going, it seemed as though we'll keep on having Reunions every few years, until the Great Maranatha Reunion in the sky!  (1 Thess. 4:17)

Based on responses we received in at the 2002 Reunion, the popular choice was to have the next one at Dan Bird's church, Solana Beach Presbyterian, in southern California, as early as 2004.  This obviously did not happen!  I's been a great deal of effort for us organizers to get these together, and we just couldn't get anythin off the ground that quickly, and now 2004 is history.

One of the early ideas for the '02 Reunion was to rehearse and actually present Celebrate Life! to the public.  We had to scale it back by quite a bit, and presented it to ourselves and assembled family and freiends.  That night, we went through it not once, but twice, much to the delight of everyone there.  Its effect on us all (who of us can forget that night, when Doug Crocker as "Matthew" could barely get through his lines "The huge stone had been rolled away, and the tomb was empty!") led to the desire to follow through on the public performance, and so what better place than Dan's own church.  Since many people have to travel back to Menlo Park and find places to stay, we may as well travel to Solana Beach.

Please stay tuned, and prayerful...
The Menlo Maranatha Reunion Committee