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Maranatha means "Come, O Lord"

Reunion 1997
Updated August 29, 1999

On Friday Saturday and Sunday July 18, 19 & 20th 1997, we had the most amazing weekend--at least since Choir Tour.  Here's what happened:

Friday Late Afternoon the 18th included a family picnic at Menlo Park's Burgess Park. We brought guitars, voices, and appetites for good food and fun
Saturday Early Afternoon the 19th included a choir rehearsal/run-through of Celebrate Life! and other anthems. It was though we had never left!
Saturday Early Evening is the Main Event - Dinner and festivities at the Stanford/Palo Alto Holiday Inn on El Camino Real, including Curt Cassingham's well-received multimedia retrospective (available on the video)
Sunday Morning the 20th, the Maranatha Singers sang for the 9:30 and 11:00 services at MPPC
Sunday Afternoon the 20th, we gathered for an afternoon swim party at the Barnet's home in Menlo Park, for some final moments together

A commemorative video is available.

What others said...

July 27, 1997
    I thoroughly enjoyed going to the reunion.  It was definitely one of the best weekends of my life!  Thanks for all the work that you and the committee put into it to make it a reality!
    Some thoughts I've had since being home:  the first is that I hope this is something we can do again.  When?  I'm not sure, but I definitely would love to get together again with everyone to enjoy fellowship and singing.  What a wonderful time we had together.
    Has anyone thought of a way for the group to keep in touch via a web site or newsletter (electronic or regular mail)?  Many of us will be in touch individually, but this is a thought I've had.  I'm aware of the $$$ side of things, but this is something I keep thinking about.
    As I told you by the pool at the Barnetts, the only thing that was a bit of a letdown was the selection of music for Sunday worship.  I had hoped to sing "He's Alive" or one of the more upbeat 70s-era anthems.  I felt that we were stiffled by the worship organizers at MPPC which was a shame.  A couple of friends in the congregation said they wanted to "encore" us but felt that it would be completely inappropriate given the choice of songs ("In Remembrance")  Had we sung a different song, they said, like "He's Alive", they would have clapped for more.
    Anyhow, this comment isn't meant to criticize but to give some feedback that Suzie Rose asked us to give.
    Karen, it was a most terrific weekend, one that I will reflect upon for a long, long time with warm memories.

In Christ,
Beth Kaufmann Hale

PS  Ed and Ellie Nelson had a WONDERFUL time at the banquet on Saturday night -- Ellie in particular was crying because she was laughing so hard with Dan Bird's routines!!!  They told us that it was the BEST gift Jeff and I could have ever given them!

July 28, 1997
    Thank you for the wonderful Reunion weekend. Also thank you for letting me be apart of it. All of you really did a "bang-up" job in getting it organized and the planning. I had a wonderful time and I am sure everyoneelse did also. That was a lot of hard work and you are due a lot of credit. It was great to see you again after all these years with all the fun, fellowship  and worship with all the guys and gals. All of you made an "old man" very proud and happy to be a part of your lifes.
    Curt- Thanks for all the hard work you did with the pictures and sound. God has certainly given you a great talent.
    Karen Irwin- Thanks for all your work in getting the data base together, all the mailings and taking care of the finances. What a tremendus job. If you come up short on the  money, please let me know and I will be more than happy to "pitch in" some to help. Don't you or the commitee make up the difference. You guys have done enough.
    Karen Weber- thanks for all your  work on taking the picturesand giving us a wonderful rememberance of an absolutely marvelous weekend.
    Suzie- Thanks for all your work in coordinating and getting all the arrangements made for the whle weekend. You are great. Please let me know if you ever need any help in getting everything finished on the weekend and anything in the future.
In Christ
"Mr. Holmes"

August 9, 1997
    Karen, sorry this is so late getting to you!  (I just got a new set-up with a new e-mail address)  What a great  (but all-too-short) time at the reunion! You, Rose and Curt did a fanatic job. I guess that is why we need heaven, there is just not enough time for fellowship down here. There were a lot awesome things happening throughout the weekend. God is at work.  I had a chance to talk with Suzie and she agrees that God is at work!
    I hope you all have recovered! Blessing on you and please stay in touch!
"The Junior Birdsman"
Frank Jackson