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Maranatha means "Come, O Lord"

Men and Boys Choir CD
Updated October 15, 2007

     Over the years, the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church has produced a number of fine choirs, several of which have produced record albums.  Many of the Maranatha Singers were formerly in the Boys' or Girls' Choirs, and will fondly remember their involvement in those projects.  That fondness led several of us boys to undertake the reproduction to CD of SING UNTO GOD, by the Men and Boys' Choir.  Though it turned out to be a considerable undertaking, it turned out very well.
Sing Unto God

     We obtained the original tape reels of the 1970 recording session that led to SING UNTO GOD.  We restored and digitally remastered the music for the CD, and included material that was not on the original LP.  The CD is printed with the LP cover photo (pictured here).  We designed and printed a handsome unfoldable insert as well, which includes a roster (below) as printed in the LP, a chart to identify those choristers pictured, and a nostalgic summary of the choir experience.  A detailed play list (below) is posted on the back.
     The CD is available for $22, which includes domestic shipping via First Class Mail.  We made enough of them for distribution to a large number of the people who were in the choir, but cannot promise their availability indefinitely.  To order, please send an email note to Curt Cassingham, for further information and availability, becuase when they're gone, they're gone!
-Ken and Bruce Cooley, Curt Cassingham

  • Hymn St Anne (Croft)
  • Psalm 95
  • Sing Unto God (Handel)
  • The Ways of Zion Do Mourn (Wise)
  • Sing We Merrily Unto God Our Strength (Campbell)
  • Alleluia (Mozart)
  • Te Deum Laudamus (Purcell)
  • Hallelujah Chorus (Beethoven)
  • Oh Worship The King (Hanover, Croft)
  • Chorister's Prayer
  • Opening Noises
  • Sing We Merrily
  • Let Me Be Thine Forever
  • Alleluia Mozart
  • More Noises
  • O Be Joyful
  • Chorister's Prayer
The Choristers
Thomas Altieri
David Baer
James Baer
Gary Barthold*
Michael Black
Glen Bourne
Jeffrey Bridgeman
Christopher Brown
Shawn Buis
Adair Buis
Michael Buis
Mark Chamberlain
Robert Clough
Steven Clough
Kent Coddington
Shawn Cooley
Bruce Cooley
Ken Cooley
Lynn Cooley
Douglass Crocker*
Robby Decker*
John Eldridge
Bruce Elsheimer
Eric Ewing
Robert Ewing
Ronald Forrar
Scott Fortlege
Craig Gay
Henry Gay
Jeffrey Geiger
Douglas Geiger
Gregory Geiger
John Geiger
Gordon Grace
James Grace
Timothy Greer*
Jay Henry
David Herzer
Philip Higginbotham
Thomas Hilligoss
Douglas Hohbach*
Edward Holloway
Richard Holmes
Kent Holubar
David Hull
James Inglis
Christopher Inglis
Carl Johnk
Robert Johnk*
Kevin Jory
Martin Korges
James Larkin
James V Larkin
Eric Larsen*
David Leigh*
George Liddle*
Peter Lizak
Paul Llewellyn
John Llewellyn
Richard Llewellyn
Mark Llewellyn
Ralph McGrady
Thomas McGrady*
Drew Murphy
Todd Nelson
Lorin Nelson
Eric Nelson
John Pollock
Jeffrey Potter*
John Richards
Rick Sanders
Thor Teigen
Kelsey Waddell*
Matthew Wilderman
*Not pictured in cover photo